JAS Introduction

JAS is a privately owned international freight forwarder and logistics provider. During its thirty-plus year history, JAS has experienced exponential growth based on the vision and energy of its founder Mr. Biagio Bruni, who today remains Chairman.  JAS has built a global network of quality offices that deliver a consistent level of high service and performance to its customers.

The company was founded in 1978 in Milan, Italy. From modest beginnings by the late 1980’s JAS had expanded its offices in Europe and the Far East to include Milan, Rome, Florence and Tokyo to meet the demands of its growing customer base. By 1988 JAS became the #1 ranked IATA Freight Forwarder in Italy.

In the 1990’s JAS was expanding into the Americas with the opening of a network of offices both in North and South America. At the 25 year anniversary meeting held in 2003, the office network had grown to representation in over 62 countries with more than 1500 employees.

JAS has utilized its strength in the Italian market to fuel its growth in other areas of the world as well. JAS is a traditional freight forwarder in the sense that forwarding services are the foundation of the group and the reason behind its explosive growth. JAS’ solid freight forwarding background has fostered expansion into areas outside of its traditional offerings, secure in the knowledge that there is a firm foundation for all such Value Added Services.

While Europe and the USA can be expected to play a huge role in our organization, significant importance has been set lately on expanding our coverage within the Asia Pacific Region. We’ve made major investments throughout this area within Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. As this area continues to grow so will JAS’ presence.

Our customers benefit from our extensive experience and knowledge of many major industries in creating transportation solutions to suit their needs in all areas of the world.  Major market segments we support include retail and fashion, automotive, food and beverage, gas and energy and manufacturing.

JAS has also made significant investment in the Latin America markets. Unlike the majority of freight companies, both large and small, JAS invested in company owned offices in major markets in that region in the early days of our evolution. Firm in the belief that agencies, while beneficial in many aspects, do not always give the level of control required, JAS has opened offices under its own banner in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. This allows us to guarantee a level of service to these countries, which JAS considers to be of primary importance, especially in a market as variable and specialized as Latin America.

Today JAS representation covers 80 countries, +240 offices & agents in 80 countries with approximately 3,000 employees worldwide.