First Time Importer? Unsure of how Importing works?

Importing can be a scary process as it is unknown and a lot of confusing shipping terms can be used. We try to put your mind at ease, by taking the time to help you to understand the process and the terms. If your questions aren't answered in the below information, please contact us for further assistance.

Considering importing a Car and unsure where to start?

If you are looking at buying a car/boat/plane overseas or sending your vehicle overseas then start by sending us an email giving us all the details, including the following:-

  • Year, make and model of your vehicle (even approx details ie 1960's Mustang if you are still deciding which one to buy) .
  • Oversease location of where the vehicle is from,
  • Overseas location you would like it picked up (otherwise our standard is our nearest main depot)
  • NZ Location you would like it delivered to. (otherwise our standard is that you will pick up from our warehouse near Auckland Airport)
  • Whether vehicle is a runner or non-runner
  • Any other important information you have.

What is a ball park price from Europe or USA?

The price varies widely with each different origin and service required. We can collect from almost anywhere in the world and offer a range of services depending on the origin including sharing a container, individual unit within a container, roll on roll off, airfreight.

How is GST calculated?

Import GST will be applicable on the

declared purchase price as per the Bill of Sale (for USA) or Receipt and

on the cost of shipping up to arrival at Auckland port

Formula - GST of 15% is payable to NZ Customs for the CIF value plus Duty

(CIF - Cost of Goods plus insurance plus freight) This is applicable on all shipments above $1000.


Car Value $10,000.00
Insurance, Origin and Freight charges to NZ port $ 2,500.00

Duty $0
Total Subject To GST $12,500.00

GST to pay (15%) $ 1,875.00

Please note in addition some of our charges will incur GST

Please note that GST can be claimed back in your GST return if you are registered for GST in the same name as the customs entry is being prepared in.

What paperwork is required when importing vehicles from USA to New Zealand?

The Original Bill of Sale and the Original Title must be sent separately to the car to our US associate in Los Angeles. A Salvage or Lien Title is acceptable. If the Original Title is not available then contact us for more information on exporting.

What happens when the shipment arrives to New Zealand?

Prior to the arrival of the vehicle we will begin the New Zealand customs clearance process. We will require your NZ Customs Client code number or for you to complete the form (Link) and to supply a copy of your passport or NZ Driver's licence. We will then use this number, the Original Bill of Sale, the Original Title to complete the NZ Customs Entry. Once the container arrives we will arrange for it to be unpacked, in accordance with MAF and Customs requirements at our own purpose built facility by our highly skilled and experienced staff. MAF will then inspect the vehicle and parts and will either release or determine that the vehicle requires cleaning or vacumming.There will be additional charges for cleaning and MAF – Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry inspection. These depend on how MAF view the cleanliness of the inside and outside of the car and parts, including under the bonnet and whether a reinspection by MAF is required. Once the car is released by MAF and Customs, we will submit an invoice for payment. Once payment is received we will then arrange delivery or release the vehicle from our depot. This process usually takes 3-5 working days depending on MAF and cleaning required.

How can I pay?

We accept EFTPOS, credit cards, direct debit (we will need confirmation of clearance by our bank - usually next morning) or Bank cheque.

How do I import a vehicle from USA to New Zealand?

The process is that the vehicle is first booked with us. Then the vehicle is either collected from an address or delivered to a depot. Once the paperwork is received we can then arrange to ship or airfreight, in accordance with your instructions. We will complete export clearance and paperwork and then We then arrange customs clearance if you would like us to and complete the MAF process.

From there we can deliver to your chosen door or you can collect from our depots

Inland Transport

If the car is located inland from either coast from which we load ie Long Beach, California or New York, New York we can assist with transport. In order to do this we need to know the US city and zip code that the vehicle is located in and any special requirements of the car ie Not running or enclosed trailer required. Transportation and charges for it will be arranged by us and added to the overall cost of shipment so you are only paying one party for door US to depot AKL basis.

Transit Time

We aim to load a container every week from Los Angeles and New York. Approximate transit time port to port is Los Angeles 16 days and New York 26 days.

A guideline on lead time prior to sailing is anywhere from 1 –3 weeks depending on availability of documents, transport distance, availability of other vehicles to load in the container.

Once the car has been bought and you would like to get this organised, please email or phone us with the following information:

  • Shippers name, address and contact details
  • Details of the vehicle including year, make, model and colour
  • Instructions as to whether we are to arrange for the car to be collected or shipper will

We will then arrange the shipment and advise you how the shipment is progressing.

Can I import spare parts?

Yes you can.

  • Spare parts purchased as part of the car

Spare parts that are included in the purchase price of the car can be loaded with the car, but this must be stated on the bill of sale and a list of the parts supplied

  • Spare parts purchased separately to the car

Spare parts that have been purchased separately to the car, must have an invoice from each supplier detailing each part. These can be loaded in the car but will be subject to a separate NZ customs entry so additional charge for this entry will apply and will be subject to any applicable duty and GST.

Why should I trust Jenners with my precious car?

Jenners have been importing and exporting vehicles for over 29 years and in that time we have handled thousands of vehicles from the worlds fastest to the cheapest and smallest vehicles. We believe that all vehicles are precious. Our people are experienced, trusted and loyal and will look after your pride and joy.

I'm looking at buying a caravan/motorhome from the UK, how does that work?

We have our vehicle depot based in Chedburgh, Suffolk. We would receive your van there and ship out of the port of Southampton arriving in Auckland. The vessels we use for large caravans/motorhomes, specialise in the movement of oversized vehicles and involve the vehicle driving on and off (RORO or Roll on Roll off).

If you have any questions or would like more information please feel free to contact us.

Does Duty apply for caravan/motorhome (s)?

Yes, 10% for motorhomes and 5% for caravans of the purchase price is payable to New Zealand Customs

Does Duty apply for cars or motorbikes?


How is duty calculated?

Duty is calculated on the most correct classification on the customs tariff and concessions. There are various free trade agreements that apply so to know the country of origin is important. Goods should have shipped directly for the FTA to apply. Please contact the team for specific info.

What paperwork is required to import freight from overseas?

The mains things required to import freight from overseas are:

  • Commercial invoice
  • Bill of lading

Please note that a certificate of origin maybe required if origin is not stated on the invoice